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Make Scary Pumpkin Faces Out of Old Computer Cases
Topic:Other/Msc.   Date: 2003-09-21
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I've collected quite a few computer cases over the years. True, I could recycle the computer cases, but often they are the reward I got for spending hours helping somebody put together a new computer for them. I'd get an old 386, with a flakey hard drive. :) I hold on to the cases, figuring I'll find some use for them. If not rebuilding them with better guts, then maybe something else worthy. Well, I figured that *one* thing I could do is make a scary pumpkin face on a metal pole. How can you do this? First, you have to draw a circle with a string and a pencil:

Then draw the face:

Please this web sites terms of use.

Cut the face out with your favorite cutting tool. I used an oxyacetylene torch. If you are not very familiar with the operation of an oxyacetylene torch, do not do this, it is dangerous. Ummm... don't do this at home, kids. Ask your parents for advice on how to carve a pumpkin face out of the side of a computer case. If you do know how to use an oxyacetylene torch, do make sure that you have plenty of ventilation, and avoid breathing the fumes of the painted case. Do this outside!:

We have a pumpkin head:

I brazed a 46" tension bar I got for $1.35 from Home Depot on to the head. You can find the tension bar with the chain link fence supplies. I used a flux coated 1/8th inch brazing rod made by Lincoln that comes in tubes of three. Much cheaper than the rods in the plastic pouches. If you use soapstone to mark the metal, in addition to a dark marking pen, the lines will show up if you pass the torch over the line, even when wearing welding goggles.

Here is a bat:

On a related note to all of you pumpkin face searchers out there, if you have ever wondered at the amazing coincidence that a corn maze is a maze of maize, well, this is pretty much a registered trademark by this guy. For more details of his first maze, see this article. My faith in human insanity, I mean, humanity, is restored. Hats off to this guy and his endeavors, even if he does protect the registered trademark of "amazing maize maze" with lawyers guns and money. Cough...

I decided to weld the ATX power supply mount, an AT power supply mount, and a drive cage onto the top of another case, using some of the parts from the case I made the decorations out of. I have a bunch of Seagate Barracuda ST15150 drives. They take space and power. Here is the case in its glory:

Here is a closeup showing the switches and lights. I used an ultrabright white LED for the HDD indicator. I also used regular SPST pushbutton switches for power on and reset:

Don't do this at home kids. This is crazy. If you do do it, have this checked out by a qualified electrician before you apply any power. Don't use any computer parts that you can't afford to blow up. I only did this because it is a test machine for my lab.


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