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Odyessey 2

The 8048 and the Odyssey2 2004-01-10
Emulating Odyssey2 Games on GNU/Linux 2004-02-14
Replacing the ROM in the Odyssey 2 2004-02-29
Creating a Hello World ROM for the Odyssey 2 2004-04-13
Solar Powered Odyssey 2 2004-04-20
Odyssey 2 ROM Pins 2004-04-23
Odyssey 2 Motherboard Picture 2004-04-28
Input for the Odyssey 2 2004-04-29
Odyssey 2 Character Set 2004-05-08
Installing 4K EPROMs in 2K Odyssey 2 Cartridges 2004-05-15
Display A as BCD Digits on the Odyssey 2 2004-05-15
Counting In Place With the Odyssey 2 2004-05-15
Paging 2K ROMS With the Odyssey 2 2004-06-06
Scrolling Through Icons on the Odyssey 2 2005-04-09
Rene's VIDEOPAC page
Drive in to Denver or Chicago with a capture of a game session on a Videopac.
Ozyr's Odyssey2 Archive Index
An amazing amount of documentation here. Do browse through the collection of advertising material. Oooooo... so wonderful. Complete game manuals as well.
Interview with Ed Averett
Ed Averett wrote twenty four games for the Odyssey 2 over four years at Magnavox.
Bob Harris And The Secret Of The Killer Bees
An interview with the creator of Killer Bees, an Odyssey 2 game.
Projects for Videopac G7000 / Odyssey
Excellent tutorial on programming the Odyssey 2.
Odyssey 2 Character Map
The Odyssey 2 Character Map in Hex.
Odyssey 2 - The Machine and the Games
Some interesting bits about the Odyessey 2.
SP0256 Narrotor Speech Processor
Used in the Odyssey 2.
Dan B's Odyssey 2 Tech Page
Check out the Odyssey 2 Tech Manual. Dan B Rocks!!
Magnavox Odyssey 2 and Emerson Arcadia-2001 Impressions
Odyssey2 Emulator
The Odyssey2 is an 8048-based video game.

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